"My colleagues at PVI are some of the most talented people I know.  All of us have spent time on large stages doing exactly what we teach, and I'd like to think the results show our singers. I love the way Jennifer and Arianna teach - they each bring wonderful singing out of their students!

Jennifer has an elegance that thrills me and she has the capacity to teach it to others....sometimes I think I need a lesson from her!!! Arianna has a wonderful energy and passion that comes though in everything she does, but especially in her teaching style. I've sent many of my students to each of them to "round out" their training. We at PVI believe in a team approach to teaching and are happy to encourage our students to take knowledge wherever they can receive it!"


"I would send a student to both Betsy and Arianna without any reservations.  Betsy is very good at listening to a singer and identifying what is not working technically.  She has a very structured way of explaining how to unify the sound and does it in the most fun and comprehensible way.  

Arianna is very astute with how to sing with the whole body and she is especially good at discussing registration and establishing a healthy onset. She is a straight shooter and loves to work.  I have seen her get singers to coordinate their breath and to understand appoggio. Both Betsy and Arianna have sung in the real world successfully for many years and have experience with acting, vocal stamina for opera and oratorio and general common sense about the business."  


"Betsy's intuition about people spills over into her knowledge of voices.  Her understanding of singing is palpable and she's generous and warm while being honest in her assessments.  She has a wonderful way to talk about breath that makes it palpable and she is a master in helping students find consistency of tone.  She shares her knowledge with humor and selflessness.

Jennifer has a spirituality in who she is that informs how she teaches. She also has a rare curiosity about singing and technique that keeps her asking questions and evolving her methods. Her kind spirit is infectious and her ability to help students find spin and elegance in line is unparalleled."