Divas & Donuts

Divas and Donuts is the Potomac Vocal Institute celebrity master class series.  These events are a unique opportunity to learn from performers who are out singing on the great stages of the world.  While we all enjoy our fancy master classes, ie: well-dressed, stressful, mostly-for-donors, these events are about the expert teaching and about our students learning. Our Master Teachers take time over donuts to talk (and eat) in order for us to get to know them, their personal lives, and how they made their careers.  The result is a more casual atmosphere, but the work we do immediately following is anything but that. Our guest artists then listen to four PVI singers and help them with style, interpretation, and technique: they are the best in their field and put the students through their paces!

These fun classes are not restricted to singers! We welcome everyone to join us at our next Divas and Donuts: Let’s get sugared up and down to work!