Rep Year

Rep Year is a yearlong intensive program designed for singers to prepare and study opera roles and concert repertoire. Repertoire Artists will have a unique opportunity to work with industry leading conductors, directors, coaches and singers. The goal is to assist singers to find a route into the opera world with additional training, tools, and connections to build a career.

Rep Year, a one-year (September - June), tuition-based program beginning in September of 2019, is geared toward individuals who have completed a degree in voice who are preparing to audition for Young Artist Programs or mainstage opportunities. This exclusive program will be offered to a maximum of 10 Repertoire Artists with the goal of creating a friendly, yet intensive, learning environment and community.  


This concentrated program builds upon our regular workshops by creating a curriculum driven by working, professional singers. Guest artists will frequent the program in regular mini-residencies. Weekly lessons and coachings will be offered along with language and diction study, drama classes, and wide ranging seminars on everything from business etiquette to full role study. In consultation with our faculty, Repertoire Artists will prepare at least 1 leading role, 3-5 comprimario roles, and 5 concert solo or oratorio roles. PVI signature events, Fix Your 5 and The PVInvitational, audition for agents, managers, conductors, and other casting professionals, are included in the program. The goal is to prepare these singers to be complete vocal and dramatic artists; we will offer an intensive, practical program allowing them to make more well-informed choices for their next career move.  

Different from our established, continuing program where all singers can register, our Repertoire Artists will be chosen by audition and invitation only.

Stay tuned for more info.