PVI Invitational


The Potomac Vocal Invitational is designed for unmanaged singers at a pre-professional level but not in a traditional young artist program. For this group of people, taking the first step into paid professional work can be nearly impossible.  As in any business, connections are crucial.

The Invitational provides a forum for these coveted connections. Without agents, most singers never have the opportunity to audition for the very companies who can use their skills at an entry level. PVI brings in both local and regional opera companies, orchestras, and choral organizations to connect with our students directly. Entering our third year in 2019, this annual event has already achieved great success: in just two years, 42 contracts have been offered, a remarkable achievement for our singers.

This audition is unique. There is no other group audition for these companies available anywhere, and Potomac Vocal is proud to be successfully shifting the paradigm of how careers are launched.