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A Touch of Drama - "Viewpoints" with Paul Peers

  • The United Church 1920 G St NW Washington DC 20006 USA (map)

The Viewpoints were originally created by Mary Overlie, who was a member of the Judson Church Group in New York City. This was a movement of artists during the early seventies who wanted to rediscover what dance/movement is.  Through their lab work, Overlie came up with the six original Viewpoints, which were Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement, and Story. Anne Bogart (who worked with Overlie at NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing) developed the viewpoints further for rehearsal processes for theatre practitioners, where she developed the nine viewpoints (below), which are currently still practiced today. Essentially, Viewpoints is an improvisational tool to explore the idea of story through movement for performers of any discipline whether they’re from a dance, theatre or music background.

The viewpoints of Time are:

Tempo - the rate of speed of a movement.

Duration - the length of a movement or series of movements.

Kinesthetic Response - the way in which we respond to events around us.

Repetition - repeating a movement within your own body (internal repetition) or repeating something (shape, tempo, gesture, etc.) outside your own body (external repetition).

The viewpoints of Space are:

Shape - the form the body (or bodies) made in space. Shape is broken down to a combination of lines and curves. Shape can be still or moving.

Gesture - movement involving part or parts of the body. Gesture can be behavioral (concrete, everyday gestures) or expressive (abstract, symbolic gestures).

Architecture - movement based on the performers' interaction with their physical surroundings.

Spatial Relationship - the space between different people, objects or groups in the environment.

Floor Pattern - also known as the topography or landscape that is created when performers move through the space.

There will not be any singing in this workshop. All participants will be actively involved throughout the workshop.

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