Rep Year

Rep Year (repertoire) takes singers about to launch onto the professional scene and provides a year of significant role study, focusing on building a PRACTICAL repertoire portfolio for entry level singers:

  • Comprimario and leading roles appropriate to fach

  • Concert and oratorio repertoire

  • Recital program

  • Regular mini-residencies by special guest artists focusing on role study and rehearsal

  • Cover skill and technique

Rep Year singers will study regularly with Potomac Vocal teachers and coaches on technique and preparation. Certain repertoire will be supplemented with instruction by professional singers exploring effective performance and style.

We are delighted to announce that our Rep Year singers will inaugurate the Baltimore Concert Opera’s Partnership for Emerging Professionals (PEP).  This will include paid main stage covers, comprimario roles, and community outreach programs.  

In partnership with Potomac Vocal Institute (PVI) led by esteemed opera singers Elizabeth Bishop and Arianna Zukerman, BCO will establish a new Partnership for Emerging Professionals (PEP,) an arm of PVI’s Professional Development Program, in September 2019. The members of PEP will perform on BCO’s mainstage in small roles and will cover lead roles. Additionally, the PEP cover casts will serve as both performers and teaching artists for BCO’s education and outreach programs, and will not only perform but will host engaging Q & A sessions with audiences. Opera singers are often perceived as elitist, the PEP artists will prove that tired theory wrong, interacting directly with audiences at schools and in communities, showing how down to earth and fun real opera singers are!

- Julia Cooke, Executive Director, Baltimore Concert Opera

The year is broken up into three, ten week sessions.

 Each session requires an eight to ten-hour weekly commitment, including: classes, seminars, studio, voice lesson, and two vocal coaching sessions.

 Other commitments include one monthly workshop on weekends and one cumulative public performance per session.

 Upon admittance, you are given access to a general calendar. You will receive a final calendar in advance of each ten-week session for scheduling purposes. While we understand that you will likely have a part-time job and/or church job, we cannot change class times. Be prepared to create flexibility in your work schedule.