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stuart SKELTON, tenor

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"There's a place for us."

"In all my years as a professional opera singer, I've heard about and met singers from pretty much every Young Artist or Apprentice Programme you can name. And they're all good singers: Polished, well presented, well prepared, with stars in their eyes and a career in the biggest of big houses on their minds.

What about all those amazing opera companies and orchestras that don't have a 10019 Zip Code? Where do these places, the organisations that don't have mind-boggling budgets and  a roster straight from the A and R list at Sony Classics, get well prepared, well presented, good singers from?

I can tell you where: Potomac Vocal Institute and Elizabeth Bishop.

This organization was founded to help those singers, the good, well prepared ones who DON'T have 3 PR people and an entourage, to be in a place to be the great singers those organizations outside of 10019 need and want. Languages, musical and audition prep, classes on specific works, the ones that orchestras need soloists for; Beethoven 9, Verdi Requiem et al are all part of the package at PVI. Master teachers with years of experience in those 10019 venues and beyond who see the wonderful work that Betsy and PVI do for the performers who are the backbone of the regional presenters.

The eagerness, the willingness, the dedication, and the sheer excitement of performing, for these artists, is a joy to behold and be a part of and, ultimately, to encourage. Well I encourage YOU to be a part of it. This is where the next step is. Take it."  

Photo: Sim Canetty-Clarke

Photo: Sim Canetty-Clarke

Photo: Arielle Doneson

Photo: Arielle Doneson



“PVI is an innovative and high-quality response to a need in the DC area, giving classical singers in the community access to professional training, advice, and resources. Once a singer is out of school, those things are difficult and expensive to come by. Professional training programs run by opera companies are fantastic, but not everyone has access to those for a whole variety of reasons - timing, finances, personal circumstance. PVI hooks DC-area singers up with major artists, teachers, and coaches, and does it economically. I think other major metropolitan areas will see the artistic success and business savvy of PVI and follow suit. Brava to Elizabeth Bishop for this brainchild!”

Vanessa Vasquez, soprano

Grand Prize Winner - 2017 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions

"In my early years of vocal development, I was extremely fortunate to have a teacher like Arianna Zukerman. She guided me in creating a very solid technical foundation over our years together. Arianna patiently and continuously worked hard to instill important concepts that helped me in creating a healthy and consistent sound. I wouldn't be the singer I am today if it weren't for her pedagogical ideas and exercises. Arianna was not only my voice teacher, she was my mentor and life coach as well. I cannot thank her enough for believing in me, encouraging me and providing opportunities I never thought possible."



Emma McDermott, soprano, vocal coach, accompanist

Elizabeth Connell Prize finalist

“Jennifer Casey Cabot combines a strong knowledge in vocal pedagogy and anatomy with her practical experience as an international soprano to teach each student with a gentle and effective approach. I was thrilled with how the freedom and beauty of my upper range improved after only a few lessons.”